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I'm Predictable :P

What do I post about when I post?


What kind of movies?

Movies I've been waiting for, for a long time.

Movies you probably have already seen, however just in case.


There is very little more important you could be doing. Well maybe some if you are a brain surgeon. Other then that though. Go see it!


I was close to tears through most of it due to how primal and true it speaks of being a kid and what hurts. I was basically balling like a fucking pretty princess at the end. Like a little little person and I don't care :P

that's not what makes it good though. Not that you cry because of movie magic tricks, but because of the perfect representation of what it's like to be a kid and how it makes you feel. What it takes to make you realize things at that age, and how hurtful little thing are. All humans should see this movie if only just to see that all things in life boil down to these situations and in the end we just become older little kids. We have the same issues as kids, and we still deal with situations like kids we just think we are adults.

We complain about everything, we fight and argue with each other. We have troubles seeing our own faults even when they can be so glaring.

Go see the movie, and read the book again.

Ontop of this, the Puppet/CG face is amazing. At no point is it unbelievable they feel completely real with the subtlest reactions in their faces. You feel for these 10 foot tall monsters like anything else. All of them perfectly voice acted by Gandolfini, Cooper, Whitaker, Dano, and O'Hara. Just spot on.

Go see it and just re live what it's like to be a kid again and how vulnerable we all are.

And then go start a fucking rumpus!

Where The Wild Things Are

I know I don't post much, and it's not cause I don't love you guys. I do. I just have troubles bouncing lots of things.

One thing I'd like to think I do well, is tell you what I think of movies. I have been excited about Where The Wild Things Are movie since I heard about it. After seeing the trailer I was fucking blown away at how amazing it's going to be. Now watching this featurette showing Maurice Sendak say how much he had to do with the movie, and how Spike and him worked makes me even more excited. I'm sure this film is going to be an instant hit and anyone who doesn't go see it is a tool of epic Proportions.


So this is my first post in ages, and what do I post about? Life and why we all do the things we do? Why school is stressful? How awesome Brooke is?


I bring you the coolest shirt in the world.

Three amazing icons staring at one more amazing icon. It's like God made this shirt himself, and bestowed it upon us slaves.

This is the shirt of the gods (Or god, whatever floats your boat)


Read the reviews below the shirt, hysterical.

Go be cultured!

This is Brooke. Dakota is too darn lazy to post it himself :P

Dakota did another young writers/directors workshop, and his play will be shown with four other short plays next month. You can get details  here, but here's the run down. Basically his play is about too old magical types at a convention, and all those youngsters keep mistaking them for other people while they reminisce. Dakota wrote it, so you know it'll be funny and slightly bizarre. The play runs May 7-9 You can order tickets by calling 925.943.SHOW (7469)  or by going to the ticket office at the Dean Lesher.

You should, because I know where you live. Maybe.

Prepare for the Apocolypse!

The Arizona Cardinals are in the Super Bowl.

Be prepared for demons to begin rising from the bowels of hell.

Or, we have all been transported to some other dimension where the Cardinals don't lose the game in the last quarter.

Either way, it is the only reasonable explanation.

Gay's and YOU! *points*

Here is HYSTERICAL Satire video on gay marriage and why it hurts poor old joe. Totally done in one of those old style PSA's. Fantastically made, attention to detail is superb, and a fucking laugh riot.


My kids better...

This is exactly what I expect out of my freaking kids.


:P :P :P :P :P


PS Seriously though, I would never do that :P


Four years is along time to NOT hate somebody

:P :P :P :P


And since I will be gone tomorrow having to get up at 3:00Am, fly to Washington, Washington four stories tall and weighs a fucking ton, get to Washington, drive three hours with family that I need to get to know better to then have thanksgiving with a bunch of family I don't know with about 4 hours of sleep. Should be fun, really though the rest of the weekend will be good :)

So really, have a fantastic weekend, here are two links one ot a funny game, and one to what looks to be a strong, well made film.

Want to slap some proper ladies? check out the most ridiculous game EVER!

This movie is going to be FREAKING awesome. Been following it for a while and looks really well made Made by the same director of Pi, Requiem for a Dream. This is the Wrestler and will hopefully be a strong Oscar contender

Happy thanksgiving everybody, enjoy it, enjoy the people around you, and just have some fucking fun :)

My Finals

So next will be the ninth week of the second quarter and all my finals are crazy, fun, exciting, and ALL at the same time :P

For Photography I'm doing Alice in Wonderland after. Key scenes from Alice if no one was there, the remanents of a tea party, a left picnic set up, croquet set left alone, and other various things like that. I have to take 15 high quality photo's, mount them in a unique way and the whole project should cost around or close to $100 :P :P I have easily spent around $300+ on this class.

For Audio I am making a 5-10 minute podcast that will include me talking, two 1-2 minute original songs as well as a news story. I have to make a pre-production booklet that describes my process and what I have to do. While this won't cost anything, it sure as hell is going to take a lot of time.

For Conceptual Storytelling I have to put a concepts binder together with all the assignments and ideas while in the class together for him to grade. I also have to make a Pre-Production Bible which will include
-A cover page with title
-A 3 Color Promotional Poster 8 1/2 x 11
-Projects Format Length and Technique
Logline Synopsis page for fiction scripts
-Include all research used for this, which should be lots
-Production design which will include
-Storyboards, 24 of them all inked with description and one other piece of conceptual artwork
-A sound design description
-Last, a full written 24 page script in screenplay format :P

So yeah, that is INFREAKINGSANE. Fun, but SO much fucking work.

And for statistic we have to compile four peoples data, make grpahs, analyze and present it.

All this in three weeks, this week being a bust :P Obviously school is hard and finals are always crazy, and while I think academia (like traditional UC's and State) have hard finals, I think this is far more difficult. Studying is something everyone can inherently do, but have you tried being creative when you aren't feeling creative? There is no room for that, which is obviously what this school is teaching and it is really helpful. But it is FREAKING crazy. Studying you can break up into little chunks and do. With some of these things you only get small windows to get everything. Academia finals are hard, and this is just a diffetnt kind of difficult. I find it to be more exhausting since being creative I find to be more exhausting cause you are literally putting yourself in everything. In a test you aren't putting yourself into it, maybe a little bit in an essay, but with these things you litereally are putting very personal outlooks, thoughts, and everything that effects you into everyone of these thigns. Ontop of that all of them use different functions. I'm not going to be thinking about the same thing putting together a piece of music using garage band as I am writing a script, or shooting a photo.

So really what I'm trying to say is, best of luck to everybody during finals week for everyone, and godspeed :P

Also, I haven't updates personally in a while, these are the classes I'm taking nexty quarter if anyone is intersted!
-Image Manipulation
-Fundamentals of Video Production
-Visual Languge and Culture

Should all be fun, but it is going to be quite stressful. I'm not adept with photoshop and two of those classes use it, so havng to learn a new program, have to write multiple scripts, study aobut history, and help produce a live 30 minute show :P Whew.